Artful in Life: Mystic in Heart


Visual art is a path of dignity and beauty, yet in essence authentically childlike .

I have been a lifelong mystic. In my Art, the visionary and esoteric are woven together and give rise to doorways to other worlds, visions of a life informed by the unseen and often overlooked. Objectively this process becomes clearer when I experience nature's wilderness where strong echoes of ancient days can be glimpsed. 

Storytelling underpins our childhood and timeless myth pervades our world still. It gives rise to dreams and an unsettling yearning for the authentic life. I strive to reinvigorate narrative realism and lavish detail and symbol in my pictures which directly connects us to the Romantic vistas of 19th century landscape painting, the figurative Mannerist Renaissance tradition and the mystery religions of the Ancient World. 

The artistic path is profound and insightful, as is the spiritual one, both providing abundant fulfilment for the mystic artisan. These two aspects of my being, like stalwart friends show me the way forward.


Fidra Fine Art Gallery 

Edinburgh 2019


ArtLounge, Grosvenor Centre, Macclesfield 2018


Barnaby Festival Artist in Residence, Macclesfield 2016

ArtLounge, Grosvenor Centre, Macclesfield 2016


North Berwick Arts Festival, Fidra Fine Art, Edinburgh 2016






 Flux 2, Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art London 2015

Le Dame Gallery, Melia White House, Regents Park, London 2015         

ExhibitHere, Menier Gallery, London 2015


Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair 2015


The Edinburgh Gallery, Edinburgh 2015


Skart Open Contemporaries Highly Commended Award   (2013)



 Scottish Brewers Travel Award  (1984)

Royal Glasgow Institute Exhibitionship Award   (1989)

John Cargill (senior) Award (1989)

© 2020 Gordon M Scott

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