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The Persistence of Self

Art is a golden river of ideas, always flowing, renewing, evolving to the Eternal Sea.

I cannot understate how intensely the visual arts has marked me. No more can I say that the Mystic Path has had little influence. It is not just the journey of mindfulness, or yoga, or the confluence of the esoteric.

Portraiture allows the artist to search inward for the elusive authentic self

'Outside is this strange world which exists independently of us human beings which stands before us like some great eternal riddle at least partially accessible to our inspection and thinking.' Thus spoke Albert Einstein in one of his many personal letters. We cannot know what he meant, but the enigma haunts me. It so perfectly expresses the voiceless knowing that calls to the spiritual seeker. Similarly in the visual arts, outside is the objective world that compels us to comment and for the visionary an inner world without temporal boundaries and cosmic in scope.

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