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Spirit Drawing and Painting

The notion of art that embodies an influence from the world of spirits has a long tradition. Automatic writing is well documented, and visionary art strives to portray the divine in essence. Inspiration is channeled directly from invisible beings. This may seem like science fiction or superstition, and has no place in the modern world. Yet this critique is diminishing, and we stand at the turning of the tide. At the very least we must strive to be positively nuetral. Human consciousness is becoming sensitised. As our being is swamped with fast moving television, news, film, social media and information, the images flicker across our vision in a dizzying fashion.

This experience is akin to the effect of strobe lighting, dangerous enough for epilepsy, yet we might scoff that so called normal consciousness is affected. However, during the loading preamble of every computer game, warnings are given about experiencing nausea, dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and feeling sick, with an recommendation to stop playing at once and consult a doctor. An evening spent in front of the television might make one relax and drift off for a nap, or a film may profoundly affect us that we weep with happiness or sympathy. We surrender to the drama, and in the days of our lives, we surrender to our lives. Our experience sweeps us along ever faster.

Our sensitised consciousness teeters on the brink. On one side is evolution, on the other side, schizophrenia and madness.

Into this melting pot comes spirit painting. Without contrivance, I calm down and open myself to the positive influence of the subject of the portrait. No judgement. Just like I would in front of a live sitter. You have to be sympathetic, or else the portrait fails. Creativity is a process that encourages quiet receptivity. This concentration is at its utmost in drawing or painting the eyes. With this focus comes unexpected results. I am always very surprised by the power of the finished work. It can be rather unnerving, and I am very moved when I step back...I may have started with an old photograph, but somewhere along the way this is abandoned. Embodying, is a peculiar word for a work of art. The results speak for themselves...

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